The Trainer

The Trainer

Jahanara khan aka Tvinkal who is the principal trainer has been running J's School of Etiquette (JSE) since 2013 and as a personal development trainer she has more than 2000 hours of training to her credit.

What started as a grooming and etiquette school has metamorphosed in an internationally recognized training platform that addresses everything from crisis management to personality development to learning and excelling in crucial life skills.

As a much sought after coach she is considered to be number one in Pakistan, UAE, Turkey and with expats around the world.

Elsewhere she is a serial entrepreneur and is the CEO of 3 companies that she manages hands on and sits on the board of directors of another two that she actively plays a role in.

Being renowned in the Pakistani professional circles as an embodiment of women empowerment, the quest for personal and professional evolution is always a priority she advocates.

JSE Helps Turn your Dreams into Reality! Join thousands of people from Dubai | UAE | Turkey | Pakistan | Across the World that have trained with us to become the Super Star of their Life! Since 2013, we have helped people in rebooting their lives. We are a soft skills training service and whether you are looking for simple trainings like Personal or Professional Grooming, Personality & Intellectual Development or Business Etiquette or more complex classes like Life Skills, Crisis / Grief / Fear / Stress Management, Relationship & other Interventions or Personal Advisory Services, we are a perfect fit for you from Individual Level to Corporate!