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Etiquette Training

In the modern age of information where we are all connected due to ease of travelling & social media the most crucial skill of a person is how we project ourselves in person and online. Etiquette plays a major role in allowing us to understand the dynamics of interaction. The more we understand how a certain set of rules helps us to stand out in the crowd and gives us an edge the more comfortable we feel in any situation. JSE has been training people from around the world in the art of good manners and etiquette for over 8 years now. Our comprehensive list of etiquette training covers almost every topic related to the art of forming good habits.

Personal Etiquette

Good manners have always been associated with civilization and good upbringing. To exhibit personal etiquette in every situation reflects noble breeding and sound background. These two traits will always open doors for you wherever you are in life. Allow your mannerism to speak louder than your words and learn to incorporate impeccable manners as part of your personality. Join this course and train your body towards perfect grooming.

Professional Etiquette

Whether you are a professional working towards making an impression to get ahead in your job or an entrepreneur or business owner looking to hone their skills further; knowing how to power dress, correctly communicate in meetings or be professional during networking and other work related areas is a sure shot success formula.

These Grooming Classes include Team Management, Boss Management, the correct politics of a work place and essential International Business Norms.

Social Etiquette

Sometimes it is not enough to know how to navigate your own norms and society alone. In this training we explore the cultural diversities that have become the standard with the establishment of the Global Village. People have come together like never before in history and often in social or professional situations we face the dilemma of not knowing how to proceed correctly. Learn to navigate social situations with grace and class because this training is a “How to Manual” of navigating the dangerous waters of Understanding correct social behavior.

Gender Etiquette

The world is constantly changing and with every passing day we come across gender based biases, identities, opinions and definitions.

Where our opinions are certainly our own, we need to understand how to be able to handle all genders in every situation. The crux of this training is to learn how to communicate and socialize effectively with all genders in a formal or informal situation with ease.

Dating Etiquette

In this training, we start from the beginning where we evaluate what kind of partner we want to attract and what we bring to the table.

From our dating profiles to asking a potential interest out; From accepting or declining a date to politely asserting your boundaries; From earmarking red flags to identifying potential; This training takes you through the dating game to set you up for wins.

Relationship Etiquette

From your significant other to your parents, siblings, colleagues, neighbors and extended family we have a relationship with quite a lot of people. But do you know how to set boundaries or even more important have you ever given a thought to other people's boundaries?

In this training we learn how to identify the importance of every relationship in our life and we learn to categorize their importance along with our long term relationship goals. We recommend this module to every 20 something that comes to us as this is one of the more important life skills.

Hosting Etiquette

Join us in this hosting training to learn impeccable table manners whether you are in a coffee place, someone's house or a world renowned restaurant. In this training we also learn how to be a perfect guest and how to accept or decline invites politely. We also develop the skills to throw parties big or small, which are perfectly curated from the guest list to the time, place and menu.

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