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Reboot Your Life!

Reboot and reemerge as a fantastic new person shunning the old and embracing change. When we say reboot we say let's rebuild our life, our personality, our social media and our relationships to those that we dream of only!

Personality & Intellectual Development Training

Here we not only develop our mind to think outside of popular opinions but we also develop the skills to evaluate our own judgments and decisions.

In this course we learn to evolve instead of stagnate to develop skills that make us question popular beliefs and allow us to go beyond what mainstream media is preaching. Hence developing passions, pursuits, knowledge and certainly Influence.

Wardrobe Revamping

In many instances, we might exhibit being fashionable but we often lack coherence in our wardrobes and often find it next to impossible to conjure up looks on the go.

In this training we learn simple but effective tricks and tools to organize our existing wardrobe in a manner that helps us be more stylish and be more effective in making better buying choices in the future.

Developing a Signature Look

Being well dressed is an art but it�s also the highest form of etiquette and good manners. Combining aesthetics and good judgment to form a signature look that makes you stand out from the crowd in full detail. From your hair color down to the perfume you wear and the silhouettes you prefer this training gives you the roadmap to develop a stylish and classy signature look that screams you.

Luxury Aesthetics

Luxury is more than what social media dictates you believe. It is the presence of beauty and a sense of class. It is the marriage of comfort with style. It is the true reflection of wealth through an appreciation of the finer things in life.

Our Luxury Aesthetics Training is created to cater to your finer senses and cultivate an appreciation of Art, literature, movies, fine gems and jewelry. It�s the differentiation between the vulgar and the beautiful. Learn about the thin lines that define good taste and class from mindless collection of logos and assets that don�t reflect your true spirit.

Cultivating your Life Path

We knew what we wanted to be yesterday and we certainly know who we want to be tomorrow. But are we today who we wanted to be yesterday? Will the goals we are trying to achieve today be relevant in five years� time? Are we actually just mindlessly working or partying our life away or do we know where we want to be. Join this Training to become who you were destined to and not who the grind has made you. Plan your metamorphosis!

Acing your Social Media

Obviously today everyone gets stalked. From our Whatsapp Display picture to our LinkedIn account to our Instagram we lay ourselves bare to the world with what we post online. Then it only makes sense that we have total control over what we are portraying online and we understand that our social media is now a huge part of our self branding.

In this training we learn to ace our social media and give ourselves leverage though consistency and balance.

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JSE Helps Turn your Dreams into Reality! Join thousands of people from Dubai | UAE | Turkey | Pakistan | Across the World that have trained with us to become the Super Star of their Life! Since 2013, we have helped people in rebooting their lives. We are a soft skills training service and whether you are looking for simple trainings like Personal or Professional Grooming, Personality & Intellectual Development or Business Etiquette or more complex classes like Life Skills, Crisis / Grief / Fear / Stress Management, Relationship & other Interventions or Personal Advisory Services, we are a perfect fit for you from Individual Level to Corporate!